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  1. If our rights were preserved, the law would require doctors to sign. I have been dismissed by 6 separate doctors for refusing more vaccines after my daughter had a major reaction to a vaccine. That's 6 doctors that will not sign the waivers even of it is to save a child's life! Health insurance doesn't allow you to go to just any doctor so our choices are already limited. These rules are already in place by the CDC and if there was an emergency need for such a bill then the CDC would say so. Vaccines are recommended by the CDC not mandated. It's my God given right to keep my child safe. And I don't need permission to do so.

    1. Note the anonymity. We have only this person's word on the "dismissed by 6 separate doctors".

    2. I testified during the hearing not anonymously. I am also not alone in being dismissed by doctors.

    3. Oh you want NAMES?

      DR. MARIE SPENSER, Pediatrician, San Benito Pediatrics, Hollister, CA – after my daughter became VIOLENTLY ILL after vaccinations, SPENSER REFUSED to ANSWER why she DIDN’T SWAB my child’s THROAT for an INFECTION she said my daughter had. SPENSER REFUSED to ANSWER my questions about the complete turn of my child’s health overnight after she VACCINATED her. I was told, “I don’t know” and “I can’t help you anymore.”

      DR. JAYA KARNANI, Family Doctor, Dr. Jeanette Frei's Private Practice, Sacramento, CA - SCREAMED at me FOR “ASKING” about TITER TESTING. When I did get the testing done (luckily her nurse was sympathetic), my son was COMPLETELY IMMUNE to the VIRUSES she wanted to shoot him up with for Kindergarten. KARNANI never contacted me to apologize or go over the results.

      DR. TREVOR HACKER, Family Doctor, Sutter Health, Elk Grove, CA – HACKER said my son NEEDED BOOSTER SHOTS, even after looking at my child’s titer testing with PROVEN IMMUNITY to the viruses he was pushing. After trying to show him the labs, and he being extremely rude, he FIRED me from his practice. “I don’t want anymore information on the subject matter.” HACKER wouldn’t even talk to me about it. Wrote a letter to Sutter Medical Board, and they told me to find another Doctor.

      There’s names for you.

    4. Oh, and I didn't even mention the doctor at Kaiser that told my daughter that she would die if she were raped when she refused the Gardisil shot. She was only 14 and no AB 499 was not even law yet. Some docotors are wonderful respectful people and some think they know everything and are mightier than God.

    5. Julie, these people are assholes, the kind of people who subscribe to porn sites, leave them to rot.

  2. The intent of this bill seems fair, however the reality is that is a set up for a disaster...

    - Doctors will provide bias information in support of vaccines and will put pressure on parents to vaccinate. Vaccines = more $$$$ for doctor, so of course they are gonna do whatever it takes to "convert" that parent's decision

    - Parents who choose not to vaccinate have already made their decision prior to the doctor visit. The visit would be a waste of time. There is enough valuable information on vaccines accessible to the public.

    - Many doctors already bully parents for not vaccinating, so there is a good chance these doctors will not sign the waiver. If I am not mistaken over 39% of pediatricians already FIRE their patients who do not vaccinate their children. They will not sign this waiver.

    - Parents might be forced to see several doctors in order to get the signature. Insurance will not cover this cost and parents will be forced to spend more money.

    - Lastly, health decisions are personal and we, as parents, should have that right to make that choice without "permission". If a parent CHOOSES to consult with a doctor, that should be their choice.


    1. ANOTHER Anonymous -- not even the bother of a pseudonym.

      This anon. claims "Vaccines = more $$$$ for doctor", which is counter-factual, but a claim beloved of the anti-vaccine brigade.

      Factual: In Cost vaccine administration "variable costs of vaccine administration exceeded reimbursement from some insurers and health plans." In this study, Net Financial Gain or Loss from Vaccination "the vaccination portion of the business model for primary care pediatric practices that serve private-pay patients results in little or no profit from vaccine delivery. When losses from vaccinating publicly insured children are included, most practices lose money."

      *The number of pediatric practices, family practices, large multi-specialty practices, and HMOs in California who dismiss vaccine-refusing families is unknown. The 39% applied to another state with different practice characteristics and there just isn't enough evidence to generalize to California.

    2. My name is MENINA (if you really want to know) and I am proud parent who does not vaccinate my child (who has perfect health and is not a threat to society). I do not need permission from a doctor to make an educated decision. As one of the children at the hearing said "I care too much about my health to leave it in the hands of a doctor".

      If the bill FORCED me to consult with a pediatrician, I should not be FORCED to pay for the visit and the doctor should be FORCED to sign the waiver after providing the information if the parent requests it. Unfortunately, this is not what is being proposed. The bill puts the power in the hands of the system, not the parents or the children.

  3. Our doctors are so smart they gave my son who has a neurolgical disorder the dtap vaccination while the insert specifically tells them not to. Really I say no more than to pull your heads out of your asses and face reality stop living in a state of ignorance!

  4. Why does a name matter you Ms. Ditz? These are parents who simply disagree with you and your stance. A name won't make their thoughts any more or less valid.

  5. Nobody does the silly 12 well baby visits without vaccination. No well baby visits, pediatrics looks a lot different.

    "For us to give up vaccines would hurt our core business because that's why kids come in," Dr. Herschel Lessin, a pediatrician in Hopewell Junction, New York tells the Associated Press.

  6. From pediatrician P. Mimi Poinsett MD, via twitter (one two and three)

    "Cost of vaccines forced me to close my practice in Modesto in 2006, poor reimbursement from insurers, vaccine costs rising."

    "Administration costs paid out by insurers laughable, does not cover costs of safe needles, storage fridge ,labor costs or time."

    "primary source of pediatrician income= short acute single problem visit eg for ear infection, diaper rash, sore throats"

  7. Mandating a pathway for a flawed hypothesis, especially a medical one and particularily a vaccine programme is not something society needs. The recent flu vaccine laws were enough, Poland was the only western country to officially announce that it was not investing in swine flu or spending anything on it! The CDC vilified them for this but now quietly those who are aware at top levels that the swine flu scamdemic was a spin are wishing they hadn't gone along with it either.

    There is no belief system in those who choose not not follow the folly of vaccination, the true believers are those that think injecting people with 'artificial immune stimulants' is a substitute for good food, clean sanitation and good emotional environment.

    There are no comparitive studies to show that artificial herd immunity works, this is another modern medical myth, like Jenner and the milkmaids and cowpox.It's like a bible story, comforting at bedtime but forming national policy on it is unreal.

    Healthy people don't get ill, unfortunately most politicians are lazy arseholes who would rather mandate their friends' medical products, to be paid for by public money, than sort out a water supply or food logistics in third world country aid programmes.

    Bill Gates variant polio is a classic example with some nerd with too much money and an ego the size of a planet buying off politicians to pump himself up, a modern day empirist, too arrogant to accept critique and more sadly far too rich to care.

  8. So not a lot of support or postive feedback Liz from the media hey?