Many thanks to Shot of Prevention's comment policy on which most of these guidelines are based.

The purpose of Californians Supporting AB 2109 is to provide factual information about Personal Belief Exemptions in California and vaccination policy.

All posts have open comments which are not moderated. Comments are posted to the blog in real-time (barring any technical difficulties).

The editors expect that there may be disagreement. We also expect that commenters will be respectful of the authors and the other commenters on the page.

It is our ultimate goal to have an open exchange of ideas in a safe environment. However the editor of the blog reserve the right to remove distasteful commentary at their discretion, and will also consider removing comments if approached by the author of the comment.

In general, comments containing the following will be deemed inappropriate and may be removed from the blog:

  • vulgar or abusive language; 
  • personal attacks of any kind; 
  • unsupported accusations; 
  • offensive terms that criticize individuals based upon race/ethnicity/nationality, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.; 
  • spam or unsolicited advertisements; 
  • marketing copy that promotes services or products 
We also ask that you do not include personally identifying information in the body of your comment (name, phone numbers, addresses). If you voluntarily include personal information in your comment, such as your name, blog or email address, please remember that this information will be available publicly as this is an open blog available internationally. Your email and IP address is not made public.

We ask you to consider the topic of each post when commenting, and make an attempt to remain on topic. Comments should relate to the topic being discussed within the blog post and follow the thread of conversation. Again, personal attacks are never acceptable. Violation of these guidelines may result in actions up to and including being banned from further posting on this blog.

This blog is not intended for, nor implied to be, a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified care provider before trying any new therapy or remedy for your, or your child’s personal health. Information contained here in either the posts or comments should not be considered professional legal advice. Please seek licensed counsel if you need legal help.

Each essay is the opinion of the particular author of that essay, and in no way should it be construed that any other contributor on this blog shares the same opinion, although they might. Though our fact and source checking is thorough, the editor of Californians Supporting AB 2109 do not guarantee or warrant that any information posted by individuals on this blog is correct, and disclaims any liability for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on any such information.

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