Sunday, July 1, 2012

History of Vaccines on AB 2109

The excellent and informative website, History of Vaccines, also has a blog, where  a fair and balanced article on AB 2109 was published. The conclusion:

While nothing in the bill states that healthcare providers will have a say in whether or not the children of parents who oppose vaccination will be vaccinated, some fear that this bill will intrude on that choice. On the other hand, those who support the bill point out that parents will be receiving reliable and professional information on the risks and benefits of vaccines and the risks of the diseases they are designed and proven to prevent--some of those risks being very serious. Yet to be determined, however, is whether requiring that parents be exposed to accurate medical information on the risks and benefits of vaccination--and the risks of vaccine-preventable diseases--will translate into reduced rates of vaccine refusal.

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  1. Again the history of vaccines is not what it says on the tin. In the uk the properganda for vaccination uses GP notifications against time to create and artificial construct implying vaccines come in and diseases go away.

    If you look at the same data with coronor's reports on death from communicable diseases what you find is completely the opposite. All of the diseases that vaccines claim to have reduced were actually well on the way out with good sanitation and housing improvements from social shifts, what the coronor's graphs do flag up is that the vaccine introduction either levels the graph or increases incidence.

    This means that the vaccine has actually prolonged these disease processes.

    Mandating vaccination is only advocated by the ignorant or criminally insane, you have a choice to step away from this nonsense and do something more useful.