Activism Instructions

Thanks for supporting public health and evidence-based policy in California. Here is how you can have an effect:

  1. Write one or more letters to each of the members of the Appropriations Committee
  2. Fax the letters to the Assemblyperson's office
  3. Send a 2,000 or fewer character message to each Assemblyperson, using their contact form
Links to draft letters you can download

This page, has links to each Assemblyperson's contact page.

If you want a prepared statement to paste into each Assemblymember's contact page, there's one here or you can write your own, shorter than 2,000 message.


  1. Well this has to be the most underinformed site I have ever come across, you need to look beyond pubmed or CDC or NIH to the real world.

    I would advise all 'activists' to cast around a bit and start questioning why pharmeceutical companies are trying to get their products legally mandated. Why the hell should we trust this 'evidence generator' when recent prosecutions for one of the biggest GSK topped £ 3 billion and they actually admitted they had factored in fiddled data to the cost of drug production!

    That's the kind of people that get the Bills of this world to spend all their charity money on their own share propped companies!

    Conflict of interest is about perversion of information.

  2. You saw the bankers do it with your finances so don't let politicians do it with your health, dump the bill.

  3. Plenty of activist action here Dutzy!

  4. Well well, it's all died off here, looks like this septic has met natural selection.