Sunday, July 1, 2012

On to the Senate Appropriations Committee

The next step is the Senate Appropriations Committee.  As of this writing, the bill hasn't been calendared.

Senator Christine Kehoe (Chair)
Senator Mimi Walters (Vice Chair)
Senator Elaine Alquist
Senator Bob Dutton
Senator Ted W. Lieu
Senator Curren Price
Senator Darrell Steinberg

Addresses & Staff
Staff Director: Bob Franzoia
Consultants: Marie Liu, Brendan McCarthy, Mark McKenzie, Jolie Onodera, Maureen Ortiz and Jacqueline Wong-Hernandez
Assistants: Jennifer Douglas and Lydia McKim
Phone: (916) 651-4101
Room: 2206

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  1. Looks like this site has ground to a halt? Stunned into silence, so Liz having had time to read some of the EBM for vaccine failure, massive, how does it feel to be on the helm of the Titanic?

    Lilady and co. have long gone with the lifeboats, what kind of friends are they, guess they couldn't deal with the truth about vaccine fraud. It is a bit much expecting the senate to do this, we only have vaccination left over from the 18th Century because of them. Still one can only hope.

    Just think woo at the heart of government and it's only down to people like you. Well done Liz